How to convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Format


YouTube, the video surfing platform, offers a large of music videos that one can surge and listen to. But while one enjoys tuning to their favorite a singer on the video-sharing website, at times it becomes irritating when the video buffers due to poor Internet connectivity.
Although YouTube has the option of offline video playback it is limited to certain video content. In such case, you when might want to listen to your favorite track on-the-go without any buffer, various software tools that are available online can help extract a video, convert to MP3 file easily and provide smooth playback. But while there are a lot of sites that can strip audio file from YouTube videos, picking the convenient one can be difficult.
A word of attention, YouTube’s terms and conditions ‘explicitly’ prohibits downloading unauthorized content. So before downloading a video, users should ensure that they have the copyright owner’s permission. With this consideration, let’s take a look at the software tools that can help convert YouTube videos to audio format.
Youtube2video is is another convenient website that allows you to convert a YouTube video to audio format. You can copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert and paste it on the website. Select the Download button and the video will be automatically converted to the select audio format.
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