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Youtube offers billions of videos to watch. YouTube offers all the entertainment, technical & Tutorial etc stuff. You can watch videos online easily on YouTube, But if you want to take videos offline you do not have any service on YouTube. There I am going to give you the topmost free YouTube downloading sites.

There are tons of YouTube downloader programs on the Internet. I am going to give you a secure and free download site youtube2video is the fastest and easiest way to convert YouTube video to MP3. Simply paste the youtube link and you can download any youtube video as mp3. Converting youtube to mp3 has never been simpler or faster.
Convert any youtube video to MP3 in one click. Quickly download the mp3 audio of any youtube video. If you don’t have a video link handy, search for a video by typing the video title directly in the search box. You don’t need to install any software, therefore, this converter is compatible with any device that can use a browser. With our service, you will rarely have to wait more than 10 seconds to download an MP3. You will never be required to register or install software to download an MP3.

Download or Convert Youtube to mp3 music using youtube2video follow these steps:

1. Copy and paste the video URL on the homepage of the youtube2video website.
2. As the search results will appear, choose the one you would like to download or convert.
3. Choose the option of Audio or Video depending on your choice.
4. After you click on any of the options of Audio or Video, you need to select the desired format in
    which you wish to convert and save the media file on your device.
5. Finally, click on the Download button.
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