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youtube2video is a website that converts youtube video and even transfers the downloaded video directly to your device. Besides YouTube, you can also download other online videos by copying the link from a newly supported website. This includes  Vimeo,  DailyMotion, Facebook, Instagram,  VK, LiveLeak, and many more.
Now you can search and add any YouTube video without even leaving the application. The results appear in a below. Click a video to select it and then the ‘Add to Queue’ button at the top of the sidebar to add it to your download list. Better yet, you can convert to a video, audio. For video, you also choose the resolution to which you want to convert. If you picked audio, you can convert to the original format, MP3, or MP4, and as well as download videos in any quality, even 720p. Finally, with timeless ringtones, you have the choice to turn any of 10 billion YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks into a ringtone for your device in a single click.
Many online downloaders also limit the number of videos you can save in a certain period of time, so even if you have the patience to return to the homepage and paste in URL after URL, you’re forced to wait until a cooling off period has expired before you can save another one. The best YouTube downloaders can encode videos in the format of your choice, so you do not have to convert them afterward.
A great downloader should also be able to handle high-resolution clips and support for The 360-degree the video is a welcome addition. Speed is also important and is another area where desktop software has an advantage over web apps or plugin extensions. For fast downloading and encoding, you can not beat a tool that does the processing on your own PC.
So we prefer youtube2video as it packs better functions and decent performance, that’s really what you want at the end of the day.
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